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About Us

We take opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the leading Manufacturers and Exporters of Farrier tools, Forging tools, Horse rider equipments and Equestrian products. We are in the production field since 2005 but in the start we were selling our products in the local market only. A decision was taken that rather than work for others, the Head family would open their own design and manufacturing capability. In 2014 we registered our firm Well N Gud International for supplying our products to foreign markets.

Farrier Tools: Nippers, Pull Offs, Nail Pullers, Shoe Puller, Shoe Spreader, Cutters, Clinchers, Hoof Testers, Buffers& Clinch, Hoof & Loop Knifes, Toeing Knives, Rasps and Handles

Forging Tools: Hammers, Pritchels, Stamps, Tongs, Anvils, Fullers, Nylon Hammers

Clothing: Farrier Aprons, Riding Chaps, Riding Hats, Safety Jackets, Gloves

Horse Riding: Horse Bits, Stirrups, Spurs, Bridles and Halters, Saddle Pads, Saddle Covers, Saddlery, Boors / Wraps, Rugs, Horse Lead.

As there is an infinite range of Veterinary and Farrier Instruments, we have tried to put the most common range on our website. However if you require any other related products or specific sizes or finishing (e.g. Polish, Satin or Sand Finish) we will be glad to accommodate that request.

We have successfully supplied the high quality products to Italy, Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada. We understand that every customer have their own design. So, we offer you that we can make your products according to your own specification, brand names, logos, blister packing, etc.

We take quality at the heart of our business ethics and you will be fully satisfied with our high quality products, competitive prices and on time delivery.

Our Quality Assurance staff are always busy in their meticulous checking of every instrument during various stages of manufacturing up to final packaging to ensure that manufactured item produced meets the high quality standard.

Our Marketing Director Mr. Fahad is always available in europe for your further assistance and help. please contact him at: +39 327 212 2770

Thanks for your kind attention in a precious time.

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